Thursday, July 22, 2010


Upcoming shows I'm playing with Tujunga and James Band through the months of July and August...

Feel absolutely free to contact me at if you'd like further info on any of these (addresses, general clarifications, etc.)

July 23rd - Meow Fest Part Deux (Northridge)
$5 donation (all money will be donated to the Heaven on Earth Society for Animals)
All Ages
(Doors at 6:00pm. Music begins at 7:00pm. Tujunga goes on right around 8:00pm.)
w/ Dream Being, Paris, Lenhoff, and lots more

August 7th - Mountair (La Crescenta)
All Ages
(Music begins at 7:00pm sharp)
w/ Air Surgeon, Devyn Carnes, and Paris

July 31st - Mosaic Cafe (Tujunga)
All Ages
(James Band goes on first at 7:30pm)

August 13th - No Future Cafe (Pasadena)
All Ages
(James Band goes on third at 10:00pm)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tujunga @ Meow Fest Part Deux (July 23rd)

Tujunga will be performing at Meow Fest Part Deux in Northridge on July 23rd.

Ryan Rivera Montez, Paris Yavuz, Mikey Macapagal, Hugo Castillo, and David Lenhoff will also be performing. And a bunch of artists I don't personally know are also on the bill.

$5. All ages. All the money made that night will be donated to the Heaven on Earth Society for Animals. Many thanks to Bryce for putting this together.

Paris Yavuz and Ford Crispino will be playing guitar and drums, respectively, for Tujunga that night. We'll be playing some brand new and new-ish songs.

Contact me if you want info regarding the address, time, etc.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Every Mountair performer ever...

This is culled from twenty-three shows thus far...
A list of every artist who has ever performed at a Mountair event (in alphabetical order)...

Air Surgeon/Hostetler
Cary Allison
American Zen
Bande a part
Bestial Mouths
Blue Mako/Mikey Macapagal
The Boy
Brother Joel
Devyn Carnes
Cat 500/Sewer Shark
Coup Pigeons
David Divad
Doctor Zoo/Scott Karahadian
The Faraday Trippers
Flora Fauna
Tristan Green
David Liebe Hart
IONNO/Toothless Hooker/Our Unconscious Minds
James Band
The King's Minstrels
Maraca Mouths
Mother Turf
My Name is Dalloway
David Scott Stone
Two Gents
White Leopards

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 2nd + 3rd photos by Ford

My friend Ford Crispino---Sagittarius and drummer extraordinaire---took a plethora of super cool photographs on July 2nd and 3rd (i.e. Paris & Rie's rooftop potluck/show + Mountair in my garage). There's some photos of my Tujunga set on the roof in there somewhere, along with various shots of other artists performing on those dates: Air Surgeon, Cary Allison, Coup Pigeons, Blue Mako, Bande a part, and maybe more. If you know me in the slightest, you ought to know I'm a fervent advocate for documentation of all artistic happenings, so hats off to Ford. The more of this we can get, the better.

new song.

I finished a song the other day. It doesn't have a finalized title yet. I've changed the title so many times over the years. It's technically a song I started writing back in 2006, but heavily edited and with lots of appended parts. (This version will most likely be the final, definitive version.) As always, songs come very slowly to me.
(It's probably kind of sad that I feel the completion of a song is actually newsworthy. But that's where I'm at.)
No major news. No real plans for future shows. No intentions of recording. I really don't know what I'm doing.

Other than the new poetry chapbook that I hope to have out by summer's end, I'm kind of directionless right now. I'll figure something out.