Friday, June 25, 2010

July show? + Devyn's video

I'm going to try to make a Tujunga show happen sometime in July. No idea when or where.
Easily half of the set will consist of new songs. I haven't even started considering who to ask to play in the band that night.

Devyn Carnes (if you don't know him by name, you definitely know him if you've ever seen Maraca Mouths or Greenland or if you've ever been to a Mountair event) made this really awesome film that features my song "Teenage Halos". I highly suggest you give it a viewing (it's under two minutes in length).

Monday, June 14, 2010

new poetry book

expect a new tujunga poetry/lyrics chapbook sometime this summer.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

future shows

Here's a list of upcoming shows I'm playing with James Band and My Name is Dalloway...

  • June 19th - CIA (North Hollywood) w/ I Suggest We Run, Christy Paige, & Hilary Gay
  • August 13th - No Future Cafe (Pasadena)

  • June 25th - Tribal Cafe (Echo Park) (final show/one-year anniversary show) w/ Doctor Zoo, Donut, Magic Fingers, & Maraca Mouths

the boy who turns you on

I have a new-ish song called "The Boy Who Turns You On". It's been performed live three times (Meow Fest, Mountair in Jarrod's garage, and the Mountair at Ryan's birthday party). I have yet to make any sort of recording of it. Here's the lyrics...

every time i talk to you i get so tongue-tied. i never know quite what to say. you make me feel so shy. every time i look into yr eyes my brain turns off and my heart catches on fire. every time i see you hanging out with yr cool friends i turn around and walk the other way because i'm not cool enough for them. i'm such a jealous boy; i want you all to myself. i want to grab hold of you and do stuff i won't sing about. but instead i just pull my scarf over my mouth so you won't see my lips tremble with doubt. i want to tell you how much i like, but i don't know how to. so i guess i never will. i want to be the boy who turns you on.

Friday, June 4, 2010

type "tujunga" into google. my tujunga myspace page comes up as the 12th result, up at the top of page 2. that's ridiculous. there's got to be a multitude of other things relating to the town of tujunga that are more important than my myspace page. anyway, it's kinda funny. i blame myspace.