Wednesday, October 28, 2009


this is the tujunga blog.

some overview info:
i may not post here for days or weeks at a time. or i may post here several times in a single day. i really don't know. let's see how this goes.

sometimes there will be 'news'-like posts with updates about shows, recordings, etc. (for tujunga, my name is dalloway, mountair, or anything any friends of mine are a part of). other times (most of the time) there will be a lot of 'inner dialogue'-type posts that may not make a lot of sense to anyone other than me. there might also be some lyrical fragments, photographs, random personal stuff, whatever. basically, this blog will allow me to store all my thoughts and ideas into one consolidated space.
my hope is that, after having done this for a while, tujunga will start to make a lot more sense to me.

this blog is primarily just for myself---to help me figure out my own musical project---but you're welcome to read along, comment on my posts, etc.

a lot of this is going to be very 'in my own head', so don't feel weird if you don't get what i'm talking about. most of what goes on inside my head doesn't make sense---not even to me.

that's why i'm doing this blog.

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