Saturday, January 9, 2010

Art School Girl

I wrote and recorded a new song tonight. It was something I really needed to get out of myself. I can't stress that last sentence enough. I felt like I needed to physically rip this song out of my body. Anyway, you can listen to it on the Tujunga MySpace.
It's currently unclear to me whether this rough demo of a song will end up forever being a Tujunga song or possibly a song by a one-off side project band. I'm really kind of leaning toward the latter (especially if I keep writing stuff this literal and personal). Like maybe I'll write a few more songs in this vein, gather a few other people to play on them, make the recordings all washed out and reverb-y and sad-sounding, invent a band name, then release the songs as a free EP and put the "band" to rest. Something like that. Lord knows I have a few more of these in my system that are probably going to find their way out.

"Art School Girl"

i don't know how you feel about me
i'd call you but I'm too afraid
ever since we kissed
and then you went away
i've had you on my mind for days

chicago gets ever so cold
this sad, wintry time of year
i imagine you on a subway platform
and i wish i could be there

oh art school girl
come on back and be with me in L.A.

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