Thursday, April 1, 2010

new tujunga recordings

Yesterday there was a Tujunga recording session in my garage. Here was the lineup: me on vocals, Mackenzie Owen on guitar, Jarrod W. on drums. It was recorded by Scott Karahadian.

They're all songs that I've been kicking around live for quite a while now. It'll be really nice to have legit, quality recordings of them.
If I remember correctly, we recorded the following songs: "Tujunga", "Bram Stoker vs. Oscar Wilde", "I Want to Be Yr Boyfriend", "Yr First Semester", "Teenage Halos", and "Her Winter Coat".

I'd really like to thank Mackenzie, Jarrod, and Scott for making this happen. It means a lot.

Also, Tujunga is playing at the Mountair showcase at the Tribal Cafe tomorrow. (+ Air Surgeon, Cat 500, Coup Pigeons, Doctor Zoo, Maraca Mouths, & SISU.) I couldn't be happier for this to happen.

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