Sunday, May 23, 2010

it takes me so long to write new songs. i'm lucky if i finish one per month. they're musically and structurally quite simple, so i'm sure that only adds to how baffling it must be to see me struggle to write them. i take a really long time to write and rewrite all the parts, reorder the sections, and it takes an especially long time to get the lyrics the way i want them. i remember it took several months of lyrical and structural revisions before i showed the bare skeleton of "the light has gone out of my life" to anyone in dalloway, for example. until i have something exactly the way i feel it needs to be, i often feel rather awkward and sometimes just downright ashamed to exhibit it in any way.
all that said, i had a bunch of new tujunga songs that i thought were finished, but i've recently decided they're not. and i don't know when they will be.
sometimes i wish i could be the sort of person who bashes out a song in the course of 15 minutes and then they're done and ready to play it at a show. i feel like i'm pretty much entirely incapable of that on any level.

anyway, i swear i'll have some new songs sometime, someday.

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