Saturday, June 12, 2010

the boy who turns you on

I have a new-ish song called "The Boy Who Turns You On". It's been performed live three times (Meow Fest, Mountair in Jarrod's garage, and the Mountair at Ryan's birthday party). I have yet to make any sort of recording of it. Here's the lyrics...

every time i talk to you i get so tongue-tied. i never know quite what to say. you make me feel so shy. every time i look into yr eyes my brain turns off and my heart catches on fire. every time i see you hanging out with yr cool friends i turn around and walk the other way because i'm not cool enough for them. i'm such a jealous boy; i want you all to myself. i want to grab hold of you and do stuff i won't sing about. but instead i just pull my scarf over my mouth so you won't see my lips tremble with doubt. i want to tell you how much i like, but i don't know how to. so i guess i never will. i want to be the boy who turns you on.

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