Tuesday, December 1, 2009

december 11th mountair show

i'm definitely debuting new songs. i'm going to be enlisting the help of some extra people on one of them (hopefully). and i'm probably going to be playing guitar. probably.

most of these newer songs (technically older songs that just haven't been played in front of an audience before) are totally done other than the lyrics. i keep editing the lyrics. i can't get them the way i'd like them. so i've either got new songs with lyrics i'm not totally pleased with or old songs that i'm not as enthusiastic about these days. maybe i'll have some burst of inspiration in the course of the next 10 days and come up with some lyrics i really like.

it's going to be weird playing with the other bands that evening. they're all really cool bands, but i have the feeling tujunga is defintely going to sound weird in the context of the rest of the show. whether it's shows or even zac hopkins' cool podcast, i can't help but feel like this entity known as tujunga doesn't really fit in with the things around it. i'm not really sure who tujunga would fit in with. all i know is it feels very foreign next to the other things with whom it's been associated with. i'm not saying i'm going to start conforming to what i imagine the norm to be (like dropping what i'm doing and and switching to a laptop or something). just noting that i feel like a weirdo sometimes.

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