Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new song

this is a new song. i don't currently have a title. the first stanza and the very last two lines at the bottom were written sometime in late 2007. everything else was written in the last day or two. it used to be called "long black nights" back in '07, but i'm going to change the name. i'll try to record a rough demo of it sometime. aside from the last two lines, the whole song is to be performed a cappella.

oh those long black nights
when you're all alone
after the party dies
you've got no one to phone
and you can't help but feel like
no one thinks you're cool
you were standing in the corner
wearing all the wrong clothes
so no one talked to you

oh those long dull months
when you're at school all day
you hang out with your friends
and act like you're okay
but there's a love-death within you
and it won't go away
and it tears you apart to know
the one you want
doesn't feel the same

oh that small bedroom
where you hide away
all the saddest things
you know you'll never say

this winter is a sinking flagship
and these gray days are quietly drowning

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